At Kellington Primary School we are proud to be a school that embraces the Thrive Approach. Thrive has been developed for over the past 25 years with a development model supporting children’s social and emotional needs, providing responses and activities to engage children with life and learning. Mrs Cussans, who is a licensed Thrive practitioner, has helped to establish Thrive across Kellington.

We know that children learn best in school when they are happy and settled and the Thrive Approach supports all children with their social and emotional well-being. Thrive allows us as staff to develop better relationships, healthy stress-regulation systems and increase your child’s ability to access learning. Thrive recognises the importance of positive relationships, empathy and safety. We use the Thrive Approach to help us check children’s readiness to learn, to identify any gaps and then plan to meet them. Through doing so, we will be able to make sure that all of our pupils have what they need to make the best possible progress in their learning. Through play, creativity and relational experiences, staff can help reduce the impacts of stress on the brain and body and in turn support children to become more self-assured, capable and resilient individuals.

As a school we respond to children's behaviour in a specific and targeted way, providing appropriate strategies and activities, in order to allow them to engage positively during their time in school.