At Kellington Primary School, our history curriculum is designed to challenge pupils to make connections across time and place and aims to embed a life-long love of history while providing a foundation of understanding that will make them curious, active citizens of this country and the wider world. It provides pupils with a solid foundation and broad overview of the many significant periods and events in British and world history. 

Our history curriculum is split into a two-year rolling programme to cater for our mixed aged classes. Through fostering a curriculum that focuses both on disciplinary and substantive knowledge, our children’s historical enquiry ignites, leading to inquisitive learners that respectfully and critically challenge historical sources to gain deeper understanding of historical time periods, the people from those times and the impact this has had on our current world. Our units are carefully chosen to build progressively on prior knowledge and build chronological links and comparisons with other historical periods and their relevance to our current lives.

Please see below for our long term plan for history.