Our Curriculum

We are very passionate about the teaching of Maths at Kellington Primary School. We are committed to the success of every single child in the school. Mathematics, like reading and writing, is a key life skill which all children can and should be able to master. At Kellington Primary School we use the White Rose Maths scheme as a basis for our Maths learning.

Every child a mathematician

We believe that every single child can attain highly in maths. There is no special maths ‘gene’ or talent that makes some children attain highly and others struggle. With the right teaching and support, all children can master and enjoy primary school mathematics!

White Rose Maths

We use the White Rose Maths scheme as a basis for our learning. This is a research-based scheme of learning which is designed to support a mastery approach to teaching and learning and is consistent with the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum. This allows children to develop all three key areas of the National Curriculum, giving them the knowledge and skills they need to become confident mathematicians.

Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract (CPA)

The following information is from the White Rose Maths website.

Research shows that all children, when introduced to a new concept, should have the opportunity to build competency by following the CPA approach. Concrete - Children should have the opportunity to work with physical objects/concrete resources, in order to bring the maths to life and to build understanding of what they are doing. Pictorial - Alongside concrete resources, children should work with pictorial representations, making links to the concrete. Visualising a problem in this way can help children to reason and to solve problems. Abstract - With the support of both the concrete and pictorial representations, children can develop their understanding of abstract methods. Please see the document below for more information about what the CPA approach looks like.

Longer blocks of time

Our Maths curriculum is designed to teach all concepts in longer blocks of time so that the children have time to understand and learn an idea in all its forms and subtleties. You will see that our curriculum puts an equal emphasis on developing fluency (quick recall of facts and concepts) and then applying this to reasoning problems and problem solving.