Religious Education

Our RE curriculum at Kellington Primary School engages children in sustained shared thinking about significant human questions which are addressed through different religions and worldviews. We support children to develop the understanding and skills they need to consider varied responses to these questions and develop their own views and ideas over time. 

By building on from Early Years work about understanding the world, we support children to develop their knowledge of different religions and understanding of different worldviews. We support them to develop the skills they need to question, debate, compare and critically assess different answers to ‘big’ human questions. We believe that the skills we equip children with at this age will enable them to go into the world as curious, independent thinkers who are able to appraise and consider any views they are exposed to. 

At Kellington Primary School, we believe that RE should be active, creative and fun. RE provides an opportunity for children to explore and test out different ideas about the world that we are living in. We believe that these opportunities should be clearly rooted in understanding about different religions. This understanding then underpins the children’s confidence to question ideas and make links to their own experiences and opinions. We believe that these opportunities and experiences provide children in our school with the understanding of why RE is relevant to their lives now and how it will continue to be relevant in the future.