• We aim for all children at Kellington Primary School to experience a broad and balanced curriculum which is engaging, challenging and inspiring. Our curriculum is inclusive and is built upon our school and British values.

  • We recognise that all children are unique and therefore our curriculum is designed to ensure that the children have the right knowledge, skills and understanding to be successful learners within our school and beyond. Our curriculum offers a wide range of enjoyable enrichment experiences which provide children with opportunities to develop positive learning behaviours, broaden their horizons, gain an understanding of the wider World and enable each child to reach their true potential. Our curriculum allows children to gain knowledge and develop strategies which support their well- being and mental health.

  • We aspire for all children to leave Kellington Primary School with the confidence, knowledge and skills to become empowered and motivated lifelong learners who succeed.



  • Each term, children at Kellington Primary School are provided with a breadth of experience through, teaching of all core and foundation subjects.

  • Clearly defined learning objectives and skills are implemented through delivery of high-quality lessons and learning experiences.

  • Our units of learning are built upon a clear skills progression alongside an understanding of our wider school community. The units of learning have been designed by the teachers of Kellington Primary School and follow the National Curriculum expectations

  • Children’s knowledge and understanding is assessed termly, allowing teachers, subject leaders and SLT to ensure that progression is clear and effective.

  • Themed days and weeks allow pupils to consolidate, apply and build upon their knowledge and skills in a variety of different ways.

  • We enhance and enrich the curriculum through a variety of activities including educational visits, school performances, visitors to school, after school clubs and links with other schools.

  • Involvement with the local community is an essential part of our school life and opportunities are taken for children to engage with our local community

  • At Kellington Primary School, we provide our children with opportunities and experiences which will enable them to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world in which they live through live experience and appropriate resources within school.



Our curriculum ensures that children of Kellington Primary School:

  • Have developed the skills and knowledge to be successful in each stage of their lives.

  • Are aspirational

  • Are empowered to be independent learners

  • Achieve well

  • Love learning

  • Are well prepared for transition points in their education

  • Are proud to belong to their school

  • Through a range of experiences they have a secure understanding and respect for the wider community and the diverse World they are growing up in.

If you would like any further information about our school curriculum, please contact the school office on 01977 661127 or via email at , and someone will get back to you.