Kellington Primary School is an Academy and part of the STAR Multi Academy Trust.  The school follows the admission arrangements published by North Yorkshire County Council (The Admissions Authority).

It is very important when choosing a school to look around and have the opportunity to ask questions which are important to you and your child.  We warmly encourage such visits and parents/carers wishing to visit our school are invited to telephone the school office to arrange a suitable time.


All admissions to the school are processed through North Yorkshire County Council's admissions office.  Parents can fill out an online form on the North Yorkshire County Council website (link at the bottom of this page) or download a guidance sheet (below).  If you wish to contact the admissions office, their contact number is 01609 533679.


The North Yorkshire County Council website provides the latest advice on this year's key dates and admission procedures, lists the order of priority for admissions and answers frequently asked questions on the admissions process.  Parents who require support with the admissions procedure are asked to contact the school office.


Apply for a place online by clicking here.


View the North Yorkshire County Council Admissions Policy, which applies to this school, by clicking here.


Further Information
If you need any support in accessing school admissions please contact our school office, who can help guide you through the process.

Our school PAN (published admission number) for the following years:

2022/23: 15

2023/24: 15

2024/25: 15

Star MAT Admissions Policy 2023/24

Star MAT Admissions Policy 2024/25

Star MAT Admissions Policy 2025/26


The Published Admission Number (PAN) for every year group into which pupils can be admitted, including Year 12 when there is a 6th form. The PAN is the maximum number of pupils that the admission authority will admit to each year group.

Further STAR MAT Admissions information

If you live in North Yorkshire, application for main school places can be found here:  

If you do not live in North Yorkshire, you must apply for our school by completing the application form for your home authority.