Our History Intent:

At Kellington Primary School we deliver a knowledge-led and vocabulary rich history curriculum, in line with our whole school. It provides pupils with a solid foundation and broad overview of the many significant periods, events and themes in British and world history. Our history curriculum is designed to challenge pupils to make connections across time and place and aims to embed a life-long love of history while providing a foundation of understanding that will make them curious, active citizens of this country and the world.

Our Curriculum Implementation:

Our history curriculum is split into a 2-year rolling programme to cater for our mixed aged classes. History is also divided into strands of learning which underpin all of our knowledge-based units, ensuring that children in each year group achieve the same skills, regardless of which topics they have studied. Our topics are carefully chosen to build progressively on prior knowledge. Our history curriculum starts with developing and awareness of the past in Early years, expanding and deepening this understanding in KS1 by studying events within living memory and beyond living memory, developing the pupils chronological understanding. Throughout KS2, our history curriculum provides pupils with a strong grounding in British and global history, developing pupils' knowledge of events from the earliest settlers to 20th century conflicts. Historical concepts of chronology, connection & comparison, continuity & change, cause & effect and historical enquiry are woven throughout the curriculum in order for pupils to link these concepts to different periods in history, deepening their understanding. Units of work are enhanced by a Knowledge Organiser which lists the core facts of the unit of history. Lessons are further supplemented by enrichment opportunities which link to specific objectives within lessons. These inject fun, ignite curiosity and add context to our learning. Pupils are proud to share their learning within school.  

Please see below for our long term plan for history.