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 Elise absent

Badges -Two have been lost, all members are wearing them.

Eco Code - All classes are displaying the code. Emeralds learnt the code as part of their home work. Most classes have read it a couple of times but not recently. Council reps are to ask their teacher if it could be read more often in order to learn it.

Plastic recycling - 18 bottles were collected this month.

Big switch off - Billy and Isaac reported that the majority of empty classrooms had electrical equipment turned off at dinner time .Rubies usually had one or two lights left on.

Waste week 2018 - This national event will take place between 5th and 9th March.  We hope to plan an Eco day during this week focusing on waste in school. Working in groups, ideas were discussed for activities to be done on this day.

Green Flag - We will not be going for the Green Flag Award at the moment.



Alfie absent.

Plastic recycling

 Count for December was 64, an increase due to the sale of juice at the Christmas disco. The teachers are recycling washed plastic pots, milk bottles and lids.


Green Flag Award

Submission for the award will be at the end of February.

The children discussed what would happen during the assessment.


Eco Code.

Each member read a line from the code and discussed what each statement meant.

They will reinforce the learning of the code with their teacher and class.

All classrooms will display the code.

Year 5/6 will analyse data collected during the last year.


Next meeting 29.1.18



James absent

The children reported back that our Save Energy fortnight had gone well. Lights, computers, smart boards and ipads were being turned off when not being used.

Some radiators were turned down too.


Eight children entered our save energy poster competition .We decided to award all entries with a certificate and prize.

Well done to Josh, Layla, Maci, Olivia L, Sonny, Mackenzie, Emily L and Kane.


Power down Pete will be visiting school on the 15th January for an energy saving day.


Next Meeting 15.1.18


ECO COUNCIL 13.11.17

All members present.

Switch off fortnight 20th November-3rd December.

Eco councillors will monitor saving energy in their classrooms.

James and Elise will monitor public areas, offices and empty classrooms at lunch time.

Stickers have been placed on equipment and switches where energy could be saved.

Families will be encouraged to take part in Switch off Fortnight. Information will be in the Friday letter.

A competition will be announced in Monday’s assembly taken by the Eco council.


Travel to school survey.

Eco councillors will be asking parents to take part in a survey. They will be outside school every morning next week.

Pupils will answer a survey in class.



Next meeting 4.12.17


We are proud to be an Eco-Schools Green Flag School



Key stage 2 members present.

Litter collection.

  • One sack of rubbish collected from the school grounds.
  • Many of the items collected were school milk cartons, raisin wrappers and fruit peels.


  • Eco council assembly.
  • Eco council to monitor littering.

Plastic bottles.

  • 31 bottles collected during September.
  • Many bottles still contained liquids.
  • Other rubbish still being put in the bin.


  • Eco council assembly.
  • Posters for the staff room.

Apple harvest.

  • We picked 1.966 kilograms of apples from our school garden.


  • Miss Gibbons to serve them with a school dinner.

Next meeting 6.11.17




Welcome to our committee for this school year.

James Y6

Elise Y6

Eve Y5

Alfie G Y5

Isaac Y4

Billy Y4

Elliot Y3

Riley Y3

Oliver Y2

Bronwen Y2

Katie Y1

Carter Y1

  • Group photo taken and badges given out.
  • Each member wrote a statement about being eco friendly.
  • James and Elise are the chair person and assistant.
  • Each member will be an eco monitor for their class. Monitoring recycling and saving energy.
  • James will speak about collecting plastic bottles at lunch time.
  • We will be doing a litter collection around school at our next meeting.

Next meeting 9.10.17




A new committee has been formed this month.


Members are;


  • Y6 Isobel Hardaker
  • Y5 Kai Johnson
  • Y5 Liam Nicholson
  • Y4 Alfie Greaves
  • Y4 Eve Burdett
  • Y3 Olivia Lake
  • Y3 Isaac Bolton
  • Y2 Lucie Middleton
  • Y1 Oliver Muir
  • Y1 Bronwen Mitchell

Items of discussion

  • Bottle count for January-20
  • It has been noted that we are collecting fewer bottles as more pupils are bringing reusable containers.
  • During February we will survey parking outside school and modes of transport to school.
  • Macey and Isobel will continue to monitor saving energy throughout school.
  • Eco members will be responsible for saving energy in their classrooms and paper recycling.


Next meeting 31.1.17


Litter Pick in Kellington Park 


Spring Report 2016

Recycling has been the focus this term.

A meeting was held in January with Mrs Hesp and Mrs Newton (Eco governor) to discuss how to make the school and community more aware of recycling, other than the weekly collections from the Council.


Mrs Hesp explained this had been investigated and our options were limited because fees would be charged for some recycling collections.


Many children bring drinks in a plastic bottle with their lunch, and are usually thrown in the normal refuse bin.

The Eco council bought a bin for recycling plastic bottles, which is in the hall.  The bottles are counted and Mrs MacKenzie takes them to be recycled. They will record the amounts collected, hoping to improve as time goes on.


The paper recycling boxes have been misused recently, with items that cannot be recycled. The Eco council put labels on the boxes to remind everyone what to recycle.

An assembly was held by the children to raise awareness in school the importance of recycling.

Parents were reminded about the recycling bins at the Red Lion pub on the Friday letter.


We have made links with the Parish Council and will be doing a litter collection in the park on the 21st April.


Mrs Newton has attended all the meetings.


Eco Council

Environmental review

  • Litter in the school grounds and the village. Survey and litter collection.
  • Caring for animals – a school pet.
  • Monitoring energy – solar panels, gas, electricity and water.
  • Growing – in the Discovery Zone or an allotment plot.
  • Recycling – make bin more noticeable ,collect  other materials, plastic bottles, tin cans, pens and ink cartridges.
  • Making links with Kellington Parish council through Mrs Newton our eco governor.


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